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Vision Shared Issues Report On Value Added Opportunities For Natural Gas

vision shared logoVision Shared West Virginia has published a new report that highlights West Virginia’s potential for realizing the benefit of shale resources as well as certain policies currently in place in West Virginia that promote the State as an ideal environment for long term industry development. The 45-page report, titled “Value Added Opportunities For Natural Gas,” notes that: “Production of natural gas from the Marcellus Shale has lowered the price of natural gas for millions of consumers and greatly increased demand for the commodity. The availability of this resource is transforming markets and will continue to do so. Natural gas is not only a basic commodity. It is also a foundation of numerous value-added products upon which market clusters and economic activity are built. If West Virginia and the broader region, that also includes the similarly extensive Utica Shale, are able to grow regional supply of these value-added products more of the economic benefits of the resource can be retained in the region.”

Among the discussion points in the report are how natural gas vehicles are being used in other states, benefits to manufacturers in West Virginia, and the long-term outlook for natural gas supply and pricing. Click to read the report.