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StartUp WV Manufacturing Spotlight: Walhonde Tools, Inc.

Walhonde Tools, Inc. manufactures and markets patented tube and pipe alignment tools to heavy industrial construction projects. The company produces and markets 10 patented precision tube and pipe fitting tools for the power, pulp & paper, petro-chemical, food and drug processing and shipbuilding and repair industries worldwide.

Based in South Charleston, W.Va., Walhonde is one of the participating companies in the StartUp West Virginia Manufacturing program, which is a joint program of TechConnect West Virginia and the Robert C. Byrd Institute for Advanced Flexible Manufacturing. The company has been involved in the technical services program for several months and is realizing tangible, significant benefits.

“Walhonde has used the services at RCBI to redesign one of our patented tube and pipe alignment product lines, which has enabled us to make modifications and improvements to several components,” said Matt McClure with Walhonde Tools. “We used the rapid-prototyping and made 3-D drawings of all the product line’s components….and then we used the 3-D printer to make prototype components for further configuration and design. Once we completed this, we used RCBI’s machine shop to produce finished parts to integrate into the tool.

Due to its participation in StartUp WV Manufacturing, Walhonde Tool now is experiencing new marketing opportunities and sales results. “Thanks to the work we did as part of the StartUp WV Manufacturing program, we have gotten some new contracts and have added workers,” he added.  “Without having the ability to update our product, this would not have happened.”