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West Virginia Chemicals and Materials (CAM) Commercialization Fund

The Chemical Alliance Zone, Inc. (CAZ), a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and expanding the chemical industry and technology economy in WV, has developed a new, CAM Commercialization Fund to assist researchers, entrepreneurs, start-ups and small-to-medium firms in their innovation and commercialization efforts.   CAZ seeks proposals from these or similar groups to assist in the commercialization of chemicals and materials (CAM) related products, services, or other technologies.  Examples for the use of funds include, but are not limited to, patent filings or related work, proof-of-concept activities, marketing studies, legal or accounting assistance, executive-in-residence assistance, entrepreneurial mentoring,  customer sample preparation, or other activities that support the commercialization of new technologies.


  • Must be a researcher, entrepreneur, start-up, small-to-medium firm, or similar entity based in West Virginia
  • Must have a product, service, or other innovation or technology related to the chemicals or materials sectors
  • Must have a product, service, or other innovation or technology that you are trying to commercialize or that has significant commercial potential (this is not a research fund)
  • Must have a specific and well-defined need for funds (funds cannot be used for “operational support” … for example, to pay staff for ongoing project work)


The Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation awarded a grant to TechConnectWV that includes funds to boost the commercialization of new technologies and innovations in the chemicals and materials (CAM) sectors in West Virginia.  As a subcontractor to TechConnectWV, CAZ has set up the CAM Commercialization Fund to provide assistance to researchers, entrepreneurs, start-ups, small-to-medium firms, or similar entities in their commercialization efforts.  At least 5 awards will be made within an 18-month period.  Award amounts may vary significantly but will likely average $10,000 to $20,000 and may range from $5,000 up to $50,000.


Please send proposals with the following information to Kevin DiGregorio (CAZ Executive Director) at

  • Summary … Please provide a one-page summary, including a title, names of the individuals or entities submitting, and brief descriptions of: (1) the product, service, technology, business, or idea, (2) its commercial (market) potential, (3) the need for funds, (4) the use of funds, and (5) the amount of funds requested
  • Narrative (No More than 4 Pages)  … Please provide a larger, non-confidential narrative, including more details of the information in the Summary and other information deemed relevant, paying particular attention to how these funds will assist in the commercialization of the product, service, or technology
  • Budget … Please provide a budget for use of requested funds, including any other financial information deemed non-confidential and relevant (for example, project matching funds that may be available)
  • Biographical Information … Please provide short descriptions of any individuals or entities, including subcontractors, that would work on this project, focusing on the experience and/or expertise of those individuals or entities to execute the proposed project
  • References … Please provide 3 to 5 references of individuals we may contact if needed (names, positions, and contact information, including e-mail addresses and phone numbers)

Proposals will be reviewed by the CAM Commercialization Network, a group formed to provide guidance and assistance for the CAM Commercialization Fund, including:  (1) selecting awardees for funds and (2) providing coordination and collaboration among organizations that assist researchers, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small-to-medium firms in WV.

Proposals will be accepted immediately and will continue to be accepted as long as funds remain over the next 18 months.  Similarly, funds will be distributed as awardees are selected throughout the same time period.