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Pitch Your Business, Start-up Idea At 2014 TransTech Energy Conference

TransTech_Final_Logo_8 copyThe 3rd Annual Conference for TransTech Energy Innovations and Start-Ups will be held Nov. 12-13 at the Waterfront Place Hotel in Morgantown.  The conference provides an opportunity to promote ideas and investment in new companies that can provide solutions to energy, environmental, and economic development challenges such as creating new jobs and more competitive industries.

TransTech Energy (TTE) refers to transitional technologies, strategies, apps and software that move businesses and industries along the pathway to a lower carbon, industrial competitive, sustainable economy of the future.  This could involve technologies related to industrial waste water reuse, hybrid energy systems, fast growing crops for biomass energy production, energy recycling systems, lightweight high-strength metals, new types of batteries, and more.

“West Virginia entrepreneurs and businesses that have new technologies or services in these sectors should consider applying to make a pitch at the conference.  There are cash prizes, but an even greater benefit is in making connections with strategic partners and potential investors,” said Anne Barth, executive director of TechConnect.   TechConnect West Virginia is a co-sponsor of the conference, which first launched in 2012.

The conference offers attendees with a wide range of presentations and demonstrations from industry and academic leaders (click to see agenda).  Moreover, the conference includes a unique opportunity for TransTech energy start-ups to pitch their ideas and businesses to investors, strategic partners and project developers.  At past TTE conferences more than 50 TTE start-up companies and projects representing 12 states have applied to make pitches.  The deadline to apply to make a pitch for this year’s conference is September 5, 2014.  There is no cost to make a pitch.  Apply today at this link:

“Join the discussion! Let’s build on the momentum of TransTech 2013 and generate even more excitement about the possibilities for new TransTech companies, advanced manufacturing, and competitive industries,” Barth said. For more information on this conference visit