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Inspire West Virginia Students: Invest in the Science Public Outreach Team (SPOT)

Supported through a joint partnership between the Green Bank Observatory and NASA, the West Virginia Science Public Outreach Team (SPOT) recruits and trains college student ambassadors to bring presentations about current West Virginia space science, technology, and engineering to West Virginia K-12 classrooms, museums, and youth programs.

The West Virginia SPOT Team is interested in growing sponsorship and support from state businesses and organizations to help facilitate its innovative, as well as fascinating, training programs to students across the state.

For information about membership and sponsorship, click here.

Funding can help SPOT inspire our state’s youth by increasing their awareness of and interest in science research, programs, and careers, as well as their exposure to college role models. It will also help SPOT train our college students in science knowledge and communication skills.

Quotes about SPOT from WV Teachers

  • “The hands on class helped students associate the solar system in forms they could grasp.”
  • “Students who very rarely are interested in the topics were asking relevant questions.”
  • “The videos really awed the students.”
  • “I will use the “Robot Arm” activity as part of the introduction to 3D printing.”
  • “I will definitely recommend that this become a part of our learning expeditions year to year!”

Become a SPOT “Sponsor” Invest in our state’s youth.

  • All West Virginia businesses, companies, and individuals are invited.
  • Increase your business visibility with logo display and acknowledgment.
  • Bring college science role models to your community. Invest in West Virginia students and teachers. Without your sponsorship, schools pay $50 for the WV SPOT team to come to their school.
  • Find future employees. SPOT ambassadors have a wide range of skills and are enthusiastic and driven.
  • Annual sponsorship levels range from $1,000-$5,000.

Become a SPOT “Member”: We do your broader impacts for you.

  • Assistance with broader impacts statements during proposal writing, including a Letter of Support or Collaboration.
  • Expert review of educational content to ensure quality and coherence with science standards.
  • Recruitment and training of college ambassadors to deliver your presentation to schools.
  • Advertisement of presentation on WV SPOT website and in promotional materials to state educators.
  • Links to your research group’s website through the SPOT website.
  • Management in coordinating logistics of ambassador visits to schools.
  • Fiscal administration of programmatic costs associated with recruitment, training, advertising, and management.
  • Evaluation reporting data, images, charts, and participant quotes.
  • Annual Membership Cost $10,000

To learn more, visit the organizations website at or email them at