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Ingredients for STEM Success

Dr. Claudia Rankins, Program Officer with the National Science Foundation, recently delivered remarks on the campus of West Virginia State University, urging students to consider STEM fields as a major.  Citing a 2010 Urban Institute study, she discussed what is needed for STEM success:

  • Students—must have research opportunities, academic support, mentors, and bridge programs
  • Faculty—need pedagogy training and professional development opportunities
  • Institutions—need course development/reform, facilities improvement and resources, instructional strategies, collaboration with other NSF programs.

Dr. Rankins urged students to participate in research experiences, find a mentor, develop good writing and oral presentation skills, and apply for fellowships/scholarships.  She stressed that students need to know how to work as a team, how to write a paper, and how to present it

Mentors, she reminded the audience, are “important at every stage in your life.  You need at least one person to hear you out, give you advice, keep you motivated, not be judgmental, and who has your best interests at heart.”  Good advice for people of all ages!