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ChemCeption Welcomes New Members

ChemCeption, the chemistry-based incubator operated by the Chemical Alliance Zone (CAZ) and located at the West Virginia Regional Technology Park, recently welcomed two new members — Keen Process Technologies, LLC and EnviroCalc PLLC.

Keen Process Technologies is working on a proprietary process using simple feedstocks that would build on the downstream opportunities resulting from natural gas liquids coming from the Marcellus Shale.  The Chemical Alliance Zone (CAZ) provided the initial proof-of-concept funding for this work through its Chemicals and Materials Commercialization Fund.

EnviroCalc provides environmental consulting and risk analyses for industry and other organizations.  The owner, David McCready, has a PhD in civil engineering and over 29 years of broad consulting experience at Union Carbide and Dow Chemical, including resolving complex problems related to human and environmental exposure to chemical products and impurities in products.

The owner of Keen Process Technologies, Brian Keen, is a PhD chemist with a long history of commercializing new technologies at Union Carbide and Dow Chemical.  As Kevin DiGregorio, Director of ChemCeption, likes to say, “The next time you step on your brakes, think of Brian.  The brake fluid in your vehicle was probably developed by Brian.”

ChemCeption launched last April with three start-ups, a larger anchor tenant, and an affiliate member headquartered in Florida (EigenChem Technologies Inc.).  The mid-sized anchor, Gas Analytical Services, has grown to include three employees within ChemCeption.  The three start-ups — Liberty Hydro (water purification systems for industry), PolyPlexx (innovative impact-resistant, clear polymers), and SGA Polymers (green routes to products from renewables) — continue to make progress towards commercializing their technologies.

If you would like to find out more about ChemCeption and what CAZ is doing in general, please attend the 2015 CAZ Spring Member Reception on March 19th (Register for 2015 CAZ Spring Member Reception).