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CART Assisting X-BATT in Efforts to Use Coal to Replace Graphite for Lithium-Ion Battery Production

New technology that uses coal to replace graphite in the production of lithium-ion electric vehicle (EV) batteries is receiving assistance from the Center for Applied Research & Technology (CART), a partner of TechConnect West Virginia.

X-BATT®, a Semplastics company, was formed in 2019 and focuses on leveraging its patented technology for high-capacity, low-cost, scalable lithium-ion battery components that will allow the renewable energy future to be fully realized.

As most recognize, the EV boom is in full swing with sales of electric vehicles increasing from 6.6 million in 2021 to nearly 11 million sold in 2022. It is expected that demand will continue to grow, with projected sales of 46 million EV’s in 2030.

Graphite is used in the production of nearly every lithium-ion battery made today and this critical mineral makes up about 28 percent of the typical EV battery. Graphite is not only in short supply but the raw material and processing are controlled by China. Research and development conducted by X-BATT® and funded by the USDOE’s National Energy Technology Laboratory has found that coal can play a major role in mitigating this shortfall.

“X-BATT® batteries are coal reimagined. We’ve discovered the coal composite anode materials used to create our batteries can compete on both cost and performance with graphite, the traditional material used to create lithium-ion batteries,” said Bill Easter, founder of X-BATT® and Semplastics.

“The demand for lithium-ion batteries is continuing to increase,” said Easter. “Our coal-based material can meet this demand in an eco-friendlier way and would lead to a domestic source for anode material, helping the U.S. reduce reliance on foreign countries for the critical materials needed to support the growing demand for electrification.”

Bruce Mutter, CART CEO, said, “We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Semplastics and their affiliate X-BATT® in the evolution of this revolutionary technology. CART, at the WV CREATE Center in Bluefield, will work closely with X-BATT® in the development of a Battery Prototyping Laboratory (BPL). The BPL will provide prototyping services for the development of multiple battery cell types and chemistries, as well as manufacturing cell assembly support services.”

Mutter noted CART has, for years, has worked with Bluefield-based X-MAT®CCC, the Advanced Materials Division of Semplastics, on developing X-MAT® coal-derived building materials.

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