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Turning Innovation Into Enterprise


Brookings Report on Universities and Tech Transfer

The Center for Technology Innovation at Brookings released a report last month entitled “University Start-Ups: Critical for Improving Technology Transfer.”  Author Walter D. Valdivia examines models of tech transfer within universities and how they support the entrepreneurial efforts of faculty.

The report notes that by using resources to support entrepreneurial faculty, introducing career incentives, and partnering with local business and industry, a more nurturing environment for developing enterprises will develop.  Main ideas: 1) He who pays the piper will ask questions about the tune; 2) Patenting: a costly affair for universities; 3) Tech transfer—luck or strategic behavior?; 4) Institutional support for the nurturing of startups.  Read the entire report here.

The report’s conclusion:  “The innovation deficit will be closed by a sustained government commitment to foster innovation. More funding for scientific research is crucial to the task but not sufficient, greater emphasis must be placed on fostering the entrepreneurial spirit of universities.”