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Turning Innovation Into Enterprise

Success Stories

Aither Chemicals, LLC

Aither Chemicals, LLC – formed as a spin-off from MATRIC to commercialize a patent pending integrated process for creating ethylene-derived, value-added chemical products using a single efficient, integrated system. Aither’s process is designed to work on a smaller scale with less start-up costs than traditional steam cracker plants.

In August 2011 the WV Jobs Investment Trust finalized a deal to invest $250,000. Funds allocated are to provide the opportunity for Aither to pursue additional funding and production partners.

The TechConnectWV (TCWV) Advanced Energy Innovation Institute, (AEII) provided a $10,000 technical assistance award to Aither Chemicals in September, 2011. The award will initiate an independent review of the Aither process design.

INNOVA has finalized terms for a $200,000 investment into Aither, allowing the company to proceed into the next stages of their technology validation and economic analysis from integrating Aither’s various process steps, and fully-implementing Aither’s intellectual property.

Meetings have been held with Innovation Works in Pittsburgh, PA regarding an early stage investment. In addition, INNOVA and Innovation Works both have relationships with The Renewable Manufacturing Gateway in Pittsburgh, a new nonprofit merchant bank funded by two of Pittsburgh’s largest foundations. RMG is also interested in participating in moving Aither forward. If this alignment moves forward it would represent a huge step forward in pulling outside investment dollars into WV and fostering regional innovation and development.