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Turning Innovation Into Enterprise

Success Stories

Air Robotics, Inc.

Air Robotics, Inc – Air Robotics manufactures small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) which are equipped with cameras or other sensors to collect digital data. The data is then processed into a digital terrain model, photographic overlay, or map showing, among other things, chemicals on the ground and in the water. The technology has been tested in Putnam County, where it has been used to measure reflective index of vegetation, monitor algae blooms and pollution in the Kanawha River, and measure chemical run-off around brownfields.

The TechConnectWV (TCWV) Advanced Energy Innovation Institute, (AEII) funded $18,000 for the purchase of specialized cameras and sensing equipment.

In April, 2011 INNOVA provided Air Robotics with a $15,000 Department of Agriculture Rural Business Enterprise Grant. Proceeds were utilized for equipment necessary to outfit three aircraft carrying multi-spectral sensor arrays controlled by a GPS enabled autopilot.

In June 2011, INNOVA committed $100,000 to be invested in Air Robotics. A first tranche of $50,000 has been disbursed with another $50,000 tranche available when Air Robotics achieves mutually agreed upon milestones.

As a result of these early stage investments Air Robotics has leveraged an additional $300,000 through the sale of preferred shares and issuance of convertible promissory notes to private investors through the WV Angel Investment Network.