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2014 Women & Technology Conference Breakout Session: Learn How to Reinvent Your Career

“Dread Monday Morning? Learn How to Reinvent Your Career” during this workshop at the 2014 Women & Technology Conference. This session led by Jocelyn Sheppard, Principal Consultant, Red House Consulting.

You’re ready to transition from what you’re doing now into something new that really excites you. So what’s holding you back? Critical skills and expertise? Ability to speak a new professional “language”? Confidence that you will succeed? This workshop is intended for anyone considering a pivot, a course change, or a second act. We’ll cover proven strategies for assessing whether you’re ready to make the move, identifying the skills and attitudes you’ll need to succeed, preparing in advance for the big move, and tapping into sources of support, encouragement and constructive feedback.

sheppardJocelyn Sheppard has reinvented herself at least four times—without regret! She trained as an academic, earning a Ph.D. in English from the State University of New York at Buffalo, then switched to librarianship, for which she earned an M.L.S., also from SUNY/Buffalo. After five years as an academic librarian at Bethany College, a desire for new challenges led Jocelyn to the National Technology Transfer Center. At the NTTC, she designed and managed commercialization feasibility studies for new technologies belonging to commercial, federal, and academic clients.

Since founding Red House Consulting in 2001, Jocelyn has provided commercialization feasibility studies; business plans and proposals; and strategic and operational planning for high-tech start-ups and pre-venture organizations. Her most reinvention is actually more of a radical expansion: she now also offers organizational assessment and strategic planning services for nonprofit and educational clients.

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